Monday, 14 March 2011


'The late night movie' is a short film I made for a 48 hour horror film competition called 'Bloody valentines' that my friends and I entered. All movies had to be under 8 minutes and be filmed and edited in 2 days starting on a Friday night and ending Sunday. Each team was given a package containing a horror sub-genre , weapon, prop and line of dialogue, my sub-genre was zombie, the assigned prop was a cereal box, weapon was a hammer, and line of dialogue was 
"For God's sakes, take the stairs!"
It was made in the cold cold winter of Montreal, and because of the cold, mostly filmed in my apartment

..... We lost.....

Directed and filmed by: Greased pig
Edited by: Greased Pig
Music & sound by: Greased Pig
Assistant director: Marieke de Roos
Assistant Editor: Marieke de Roos
Starring: Marieke de RoosShahrazad Azzi, Edwin Isford and me.


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